Alexandre Rossi


Nowadays, the daily life of dogs is far from ideal for them in terms of physical exercise. Many dogs become sedentary, with little physical activity, which is not good for their health. Therefore, including exercise into your routine tends to improve the quality of life and well-being of pets.

Where and how to practice
A large lawn is the best place to practice sports, such as frisbee (throwing frisbees for dogs to chase), jumping obstacles, and the classic game of "fetch the ball". But during the rainy season, it is difficult to maintain the routine of outdoor physical activity with dogs. How about considering alternatives to playing sports outdoors?

The health of the pet should be assessed, regardless of the activity. Take him to the veterinarian and be attentive to symptoms related to diseases of the heart, such as coughing, having a bluish tongue, fainting, and abnormal movement: observe if the dog limps or has difficulties when walking and getting up. Avoid repetitive movements with puppies, as this may impair their growth. Their bones are fully developed at one year of age in small pets and at two years of age in large pets. Do not give large amounts water or food before, during, or shortly after exercise, as there is a risk of bloat. On flat ground, place E.V.A. plates or rubber mats attached to the floor. It's also wise to trim the hairs around the pads of the feet and cut their nails.

Exercises indoors
Use books, magazines and brooms to create obstacles for dogs to jump over. Start at a low height. Encourage your dog to jump by using treats. Create a tunnel under a coffee table and use treats to get him to go through the tunnel. To fetch, teach him to release the ball from his mouth by holding a second ball in your other hand. Have fun!

Source: Casa e Jardim