A little fun during a training session, with carpet on the floor to absorb the impact.

Everybody knows that Estopinha is a super active little dog. She is playful, loves to run and jump, and does it several times a day.

But she is no longer a young lady (she turned 11 recently) and has had a problem in her spine for some time now.

So I take great care so that she can still have fun in her crazy way, but do so safely so as not to cause damage to her joints and spine (especially at this stage of life).

Slippery floor

Slippery floors can be very damaging as they cause slipping. In my house, I take precautionary measures and set down rugs on the floor when I know that the dogs will have moments of running or jumping, as happens during training sessions.

A more textured and non-slip surface (such as rugs) helps to absorb the impact and consequently prevent damage that could arise to their joints.


Leaving wooden or foam ramps on the edge of sofas and beds is another precaution that helps prevent possible damage to the spine or joints when our dogs want to go up or down furniture.

There are ramps for sale, but it is also possible to make one at home or ask a professional to make one to suit you and your pet's needs.

Prevention is important

We don't have to wait for our dogs to age to take precautions. If we can prevent constant impact and slipping throughout their life, there is a greater likelihood that, as they become seniors, they will have a better quality of life in this regard!